Law Practice

This has been quite a journey.

Over the last three decades, Rob has been trying, through practicing law, to do what his fourth-grade teacher, Ms. Underwood, told him he would do.

She said, "I'm not sure what you're going to do, or how, but it is going to be about trying to help people." Rob may not remember much else from fourth grade, but Ms. Underwood's words stayed with him and guided him into the law.

Rob is said to be a "rescuer" by nature, and so he has spent these many years defending people in trouble (whether in criminal law, divorce law or civil law). He has stood with people, and spoken for them, in federal and state courtrooms, where they faced intimidating lawyers, and the seemingly limitless powers of judges and prosecutors to affect his client's lives, families, property and liberty.

He has tried to explain our inexplicable legal system in order that his clients, "his people" as Rob calls them, could understand it, and thereby come through it better.

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